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Music Week 6 December, 1986 advert


"'Getting fresh, showing out & teaching the world to dance!'

 "Since we opened our doors two years ago these hits have come forth, first and all over the charts!"




          The Blow Monkeys 

             O'Chi Brown 

            Dead or Alive

            Hazell Dean

          Depeche Mode 



         Georgie Fame 

          Phil Fearon 

           Five Star 


      Kissing The Pink 

         Matt Bianco 

         Mel & Kim 

        Mondo kane 

        No Way Jose 

         Lana Pellay 


           Red Box 

       The Three Degrees 

      Timex Social Club 



Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, Pete waterman & Phil Harding

Exclusively managed by PWL

Daize Washbourn, Pete Hammond & Ian Curnow

Now attending dancin' classes and exclusively managed by PWL"


Music Week 6 December, 1986 

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