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Shayne Ward album

Shayne Ward's hotly anticipated fourth studio album on CD and download - CLOSER, written and recorded with Mike Stock is available to order via Amazon and iTunes.

CLOSER DELUXE EDITION is also available, including four exclusive tracks, remixes and voice memos by Shayne describing the story behind three songs.

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Mike Stock produces Shayne Ward

Mike Stock and Shayne Ward are in the studio writing and recording.

X Factor winner Shayne Ward had a series of hits after winning the ITV Show and he's now working on his fourth album.

Mike is happy to be writing original songs for a male solo singer again.

Follow Shayne Ward and Mike Stock on Twitter for latest updates. 

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CD/DVD "RADIO GO!GO!GO!" AVAILABLE TO BUY via iTunes, Amazon and all good retailers


Go!Go!Go! Tour - 2014

2014 Go!Go!Go! Tour dates include:-


12 April  Sheffield University

13 April  Leeds City Varieties

14 April  Newcastle Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre 

15 April  Manchester Palace Theatre 

16 April  Birmingham Town Hall 

17 April  Leamington Spa Assembly

18 April  Ipswich Regent Theatre 

21 April  London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire




CD/DVD "RADIO GO!GO!GO!" AVAILABLE via iTunes, Amazon and all good retailers

Mike Stock works with The Retrobot


Mike Stock produces The Retrobot

"Christmas Robot" by The Retrobot

OUT ON: 15 December 2013 


Go!Go!Go! Summer 2013

Go!Go!Go! LIVE appearances during Summer 2013 include:-


13 July - Skyfest - Osterley

27 July - Skyfest - Edinburgh


11 August - Bounce Festival, Richmond Park 

16 August - LolliBop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

17 August - LolliBop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

18 August - LolliBop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


WATCH Go!Go!Go! perform on TV every day at 7:00 am and 8:00 am, 12:30 pm, 6:55 pm and 7:55 pm on Nick Jr!

Livin’ The Dream

Released on 14 July 2013

"Livin' The Dream" performed by Club 2Gethr


Single and Bonus Edition

Watch the video HERE


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The Love This Collection Volume 1 - including new 2013 remasters, tracks available for the first time on download and on CD.


To include songs by; Nicki French, Tatjana, Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown, Kim Appleby, Suzann Rye, Natalie Browne, Mary Griffin, Frank Bruno and many more ...



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Out Now!

Out Now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major download sites:

Mike Stock Music is pleased to announce that the first batch of singles from the Love This catalogue is now available worldwide for the first time in digital format. Included are; Jayne Collins - No Turning Back, Deuce - No Surrender, Tatjana - Santa Maria plus many more...

The Go!Go!Go! Show LIVE 2012

The Show 4 Kids


The Go! Go! Go! Show LIVE On Stage in London's glittering West End

A pop musical for children and adults of all ages "The Go! Go! Go! Show" played in London's West End during 2012 at:

The Empire, Leicester Square

LIVE On Stage

From June 2012 

Read Audience Reviews 

(Show length: approx. 90 minutes with 15 minutes interval)


Robin Gibb

The last few years have taken their toll on some of the world's greatest pop figures.  Nearly all have passed quite young by today's expectations. Not many seem able to make old bones. Particularly sad for me is the news about Robin Gibb. He counted himself as a writer first and performer second. That resonates with me. As a writer myself I understand a little about the process. I know about the energy you need to put in and how exhausting the process can be. It is hard work and it doesn't always end in success. So I have the greatest of respect and admiration for the quality of the body of work created over the years by the brothers Gibb.

Another Place and Time

I count myself as very fortunate that I was able to write songs and produce records for Donna Summer. I sat beside her for a month and we slogged away at the task of delivering in a very short time by modern standards, the album we called Another Place and Time. Looking back, it was a joyful and exhilarating experience. Whatever tunes or lyrics I threw at her she slung back at me with knobs on. Great big shiny brass knobs, and stars and spangles, trills and runs. I have ever since wanted to repeat the experience and do another album.  I had so many half songs, snippets and unused ideas at the time, running around my head all inspired by her. I would have loved to have had the chance to deliver album 2.  But, after the tape machines were stopped and the hits were flying up the charts all over the world, I never heard from her again.

I did not know Donna was unwell and, crazy as it now seems, I had not given up on the dream that perhaps one day she would call and say, ‘Hey Mike, shall we do it again?'  It can't happen now.  It's just another sadness to add to my long list of regrets.  But I can see her now, in the studio singing ‘This Time I Know It's For Real'.  Even though it was 23 years ago the memory is crystal clear.  The sound of joy and innocence.  It seemed back then that everything was possible.  But the world has changed in so many profound ways. Play the album. 1989, truly Another Place and Time.

Music News


We are happy to announce a new Music player on the site.  Listen, and read Mike's personal anecdotes about the writing and recording process. 


The tracks include rare and un-released songs and mixes, many of which have not been heard before!  Over the coming months, we will be adding much more to the catalogue, and the download links for you to buy them.


Now for the technical information:-


Please ensure your Browser is an up-to-date version. 


Our music player uses the latest format and, to make sure you have no problems listening, you will need to use a Browser that is compatible with HTML5.  We have found good results using Google Chrome. 


Development News

We've been trying to embrace all the new media and networking platforms. 


We are officially announcing Mike Stock Music's own YouTube Channel, where you will be able to see videos in better qualtiy uploads.  We will be adding more videos over time.


Also, our official Facebook page Mike Stock Music, which we hope will be a replacement for the website Forum which we were forced to close.  We wish to encourage anybody who would like to contribute.


YouTube and other online platforms


We are continuing to upload more content to YouTube.  On our YouTube Channel you can be sure of the quality and legality of the videos available, and we are co-operating fully with all the new regulations that are, belatedly, being applied by Google and others.  We have had to justify the use of our own copyrights, a necessary step in the regularisation process.  This automatically leads to notice of infringement to those who have no justification and cannot prove any ownership.


In general, we are happy about this development because it can go some way towards establishing value in the usage, which can be paid on to those who earn royalties from the copyrights. Artists, songwriters and record labels have hitherto been forced to stand by and watch as their material was exposed widely on these sites, sometimes with many millions of ‘hits' associated and no possibility of receiving even the tiniest of payment.  This situation could not continue and was very unfair on the artists in particular.


Unfortunately, YouTube and Google issue infringement notices as a matter of course.  We would hope that most will understand and decide it is better to remove material which does not comply, before being issued with an infringement notice.  It does feel a little heavy handed, but this situation has long been out of control and there is some blame to attach to those in control of the platform who took too long to realise and understand the problem.


We believe the new regulations, if properly enforced, will make it possible to make payments to the royalty earners, such as artists and musicians, some of whom will be very pleased to receive even a small income. 


Part of the enduring appeal of I Should Be So Lucky may lie in the timeless quality of the modulations and musical progressions.  Coupled with a storyline lyric of unrequited love, it conforms quite closely to the ballads and laments of the Elizabethan era.  The test of a good tune is often said to be its adaptability to work in different styles. 

Over the years this song has been performed as Opera, recited as Poetry and, for comic effect, often parodied to the extent that the phrase I Should be So lucky, even in plain speech, cannot be quoted without the associated repetition of Lucky, not once but three times. I have heard a Heavy Metal Rock version and a Jazz version.  There's a Roots Reggae version and probably one on the ubiquitous steel drums. I did not like the Pan Pipe version myself, but it did get me humming along as I strolled through Bluewater shopping centre last week.  (Only joking, of course, I've never been there.)

You should now have gathered I am being a bit playful and cheeky.  Of course, there's no Elizabethan version. The harpsichord piece was played by me last week as further proof of the tune's universality.  So, seriously for a moment!

This song was written in its entirety 25 years ago on that day in October 1987.  There is no question of any ‘inspiration' from any other source.  The song was written for and inspired by, Kylie.

At our Christmas party this day 25 years ago, the DJ played I Should Be So Lucky.  It dawned on us then what a star she was.  Next February (2012) will be the 25th anniversary of Kylie's first UK number one and marks her explosion into the pop world.  I did not want to let this astonishing fact pass by without my own little tribute.  Also to add my sincerest thanks and best wishes to her, not only for making this song a continuing favourite with her fans but also for just being Kylie.

Mike Stock

Bananarama ’The Collection’ Album Released 12th December 2011

Bananarama new album release on 12th December 2011 includes:
Love In The First Degree
I Want You Back
I Heard A Rumour
Last Thing On My Mind
Nathan Jones
Movin' On
Robert DeNiro
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
I Can't Help It
Love, Truth And Honesty
More Than Physical
Trick Of The Night 
Available from Amazon

Congratulations Kylie!

Congratulations to Kylie!

Just heard about her induction into the ARIA awards hall of fame, in Australia.

She has been a brilliant ambassador for Australia and all things Australian and a fantastic world-wide pop star over twenty five years.  Long may she reign.

Also congrats to The Wiggles awarded at the same event. A bit of a coincidence for me because these guys have been  the greatest exponents of music for kids over the last twenty years, and it is partly their example which set us going on our GO!GO!GO! show which we launched just over a year ago.

What with Jason doing so well on Strictly, and Nick Hardcastle and Holly Atterton singing ‘Especially for you' at the GO!GO!GO! show party last night there's definitely an antipodean theme in my life  right now.

Forum replacement

As you will no doubt have noticed, I stopped operating the forum on the site a few weeks ago. I am sorry about having to take this action, but it was becoming impossible to live with.

I am making some changes to the site and upgrading and introducing some new ideas. One of which is a Twitter Account called mikestockmusic. This will, I think, provide a good replacement platform for all those who wish to say something.

I will post more messages about further changes in due course.


Mike Stock.


Apologies to all who may feel disappointed but it is with regret that I announce the permanent suspension of my web site's forum activity.

There has been a constant battle against unwanted and distasteful posts for a number of years. We have been vigilant in blocking offenders up to now but the torrent of offensive material has become too much of late. I do not understand the mentality of those involved. They have invested a lot of time and effort getting round our security, to the extent that I can only believe the site has been targeted by professionals. I had hoped to provide a forum for honest comment. But I believe a lot of people have been put off coming to the site, and I can no longer tolerate the abuse. Whatever the illegal posters have achieved it can only be viewed as counter-productive to the aims of their paymasters.  So there will be no more forum and I hope everyone will understand why this decision has been taken.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Stock

The Go! Go! Go! Show 2011

For details on booking tickets to see "The Go!Go!Go! Show", a pop musical for children and adults of all ages, on Tour and in the West End, please visit the News Section

Reviews of "The Go!Go!Go! Show":

The Sun:   "Go! Go! Go! It's great!"

The Stage: "...a veritable sugar rush for the holidays - a gleeful concoction of bubblegum pop and Hi-NRG bass..." and "...Go!Go!Go!'d have to go some to find a perkier show for children this summer"

Visit London: "...the kids had a blast"

The Times: " two girls, aged 5 and 2... on the Tube home from this new pop musical, the older one asked, "When can we go and see Go!Go!Go! again"" and "Polly, 2... begged to be read the programme for her bedtime story"

Forum temporarily off-line 30/31 March 2011

The Forum was temporarily off-line for slightly longer than anticipated.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


The Go!Go!Go! Show 2010

For details on booking tickets to see "The Go!Go!Go! Show", visit the News Section

Reviews of "The Go!Go!Go! Show", currently on at The Leicester Square Theatre:

The Stage: "...a veritable sugar rush for the holidays - a gleeful concoction of bubblegum pop and Hi-NRG bass..." and "...Go!Go!Go!'d have to go some to find a perkier show for children this summer"

Visit London: "...the kids had a blast"

The Times: " two girls, aged 5 and 2... on the Tube home from this new pop musical, the older one asked, "When can we go and see Go!Go!Go! again"" and "Polly, 2... begged to be read the programme for her bedtime story"

Read reviews in full:-

 The Stage and 

 Visit London


Eurovision 2010


A long way to go to come last.

Still, I'm completely happy with the integrity of our UK effort this year. I also understand why we came bottom of the heap. We all know why Germany won, and it's not just because of political or partisan voting.

Although there is definitely an East / West split in Eurovision. It has become a competition between the Viking alliance and the Baltic confederation. Germany straddles this divide quite nicely, but it still wasn't the main reason for their win.

All the songs in the competition that Pete Waterman and I liked came nowhere. What's wrong with our ears? At least the Irish girl had a lovely voice and a moving song. The Portugese girl also sang a nice musical and lyrical number.  Both big ballads of course.  But they did badly in the voting.

All other songs were either ethnic style dance records or very derivative of American or British modern pop.  From Shakira to Beyonce, from Oh Danny Boy to Walking in Memphis. Maybe a couple of writs for plagiarism would be in order.

When I first saw the German girl I thought there was something wrong or strange about her.  Zany, or sweetly scatterbrained.  Not quite all there.  But it was just an act.  Quite a number of British artists have adopted this approach. You pronounce words a bit oddly. You appear deranged and whacky, and it seems to work. Singing in English, as she did, Lena made the picture complete.  The song was average and on the night I couldn't understand the lyric. Her accent was so strange.  All German and cockney.  Weird.  Why did everybody like it so much?  Surely they couldn't understand it either?  It can only mean that many of the voting countries knew the song backwards and had heard it many times before. Otherwise surely everyone would have struggled like me.

Pete, Steve and I believed we had a right to expect that the BBC, having enlisted our help, would have supported the artist and song by playing it on the radio and featuring on TV wherever possible. This is what assisted not just the German entry, but most other countries as well.  We in Britain can't make up our mind if we like Eurovision or not.  Is it just a camp extravaganza or a song competition to take seriously?  But the BBC in radio and TV showed no enthusiasm to support us.  It's the same most years, apart from last year, of course, with Lord Lloyd-Webber.

I have read many posts on the forum and appreciate the support and encouragement. I would comment on one or two recent ones that Matt Aitken and Pete Hammond should get involved, in order to recreate an 80s style.  We took a decision that we would not go that route.  It would have been relatively simple and well within the grasp of my team at present to go all dance pop and HNRG.  But Josh is the type of performer where this can't work.  However, I am planning to work with a young girl singer for whom this approach would be appropriate.  It's the old phrase horses for courses.

I absolutely do not accept that our song was the worst in the competition. Pete and I thought we'd be lucky to finish mid-table and we knew we couldn't win it.  Finishing last was down to voting patterns of a partisan nature.  I hold my head up and state that our song was one of only a few which was an honest attempt at a new pop song with a new artist.  There were no tricks and we didn't resort to Eurotrash.

Good luck to Germany and Lena, but please don't expect me to say it's a good song.  It was a comprehensive and expensive promotional campaign.  It was a hit record before the competition and fully supported by the German media.  The BBC would not and could not support us to that extent. If the UK still wants to do it next year it has to change its approach.

So it will be in Germany next time.  Which is still a long way to go to come last.


Unofficial Facebook.

It's probably harmless, but I do need to point out that there is a Facebook site which is phoney. This might convince certain people that it is genuinely to do with me.

Please don't be fooled. I would not feel comfortable with people asking opinion or seeking advice or generally chatting on the site in the mistaken belief that they were actually talking to me. So, I do NOT have a Facebook page.  Any comments from the people who are operating this bogus entry are not doing so with my consent. As I say it's probably harmless but be aware.


That Sounds Good To Me

Just thought I'd give a final update on Josh Dubovie and the song for Europe.

We mixed the record on Friday and everyone seems to love it.  Josh sounds great and we think the style of the new version is better suited to him.  The song will be on the Eurovision compilation album which is released before May 29th but we will also release it as a single in the UK.

We'll be concentrating now on developing a stage act for Josh with backing vocalists and a bit of choreography. But mostly it's about rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I'll give further updates regarding these preparations in due course which will include styling, photo shoots etc. I expect there will be plenty of press and magazine interest and I'll let you know of any major TV or radio appearances. But for the song itself, that's all over and completed; I can do no more.

That's it for now.


Calm down dear, it’s only a pop song.

Just to keep everyone updated I have now worked with Josh in the studio and the song, now tailor made to his style and attributes, is shaping up very well.

I'm much happier now.  In fact, I'm delighted. Josh is a very nice guy and easy to work with.  Now that we're making a record to suit him I can also report that he is an extremely talented singer.  There is no doubt that the public vote went the right way and now I'm doing my utmost to justify their faith in us.  For now, that's all I want to say on the subject.

I would like to mention the misleading extract quoted from my previous message.  I believe the BBC did the right thing in ensuring that all six finalists had a fair crack of the whip. This made my job harder, of course.  But I'm glad I stayed up half the night on several occasions to allow for this.  The over-arching concern of the BBC was for fairness and they got it.  What is more interesting is the thousands of negative comments from all and sundry.  It's only a pop song after all.  And it's for Eurovision. So what people get so worked up about, I don't know. It's not the Gettysburg address.  It's not the Ten Commandments.  It's a pop song.

I seem to remember, in the days before the Internet, that the venom and aggression always came from the trendy music press.  So many journalists and pop commentators had SAW down as being as evil as muggers and rapists.  When I put the Fast Food Song out in 2003 the internet was more important, but the aggressive negativity was the same.  Perhaps someone can explain why people who have no interest in our kind of Pop music feel the need to punish themselves by listening to it and then writing about it?

Actually, I know the answer.  Music is important.  Songs are important. Singers are important.  It has always been the case over many years of doing this, that the more critics you have at the start of a promotional campaign, the bigger the hit you end up with.   If half the people love it and half hate it, it's a good thing. The response at the moment proves only that you can't ignore it.  I'm quite happy for passions to be stirred and for comments negative and positive to flow in abundance.  I'll give another update next week.




Eurovision 2010

Just time to take a breath and reply to all the various questions and comments on the subject of the new song for Europe.

The BBC have their way of doing things.  On balance I am happy that Josh won the public vote.  However, what I found most frustrating was having to record six different versions of ‘That Sounds Good To Me' incomplete and unfinished. Obviously until you know who has won you can't deliver the final version.  This is what has made this year slightly unusual.

Nevertheless, I am now busy getting together the final version which will be significantly different from what has already been served up.  I accept the comments that have been posted on the forum and I expect in a short while for everyone to be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

The thinking behind this song is that Eurovision is a theatrical event as much as a song contest.   So our song has elements of a show number alongside dance pop. The lyric has a general theme and is not gender specific or too personal.

We need to spice up the performance generally, but in Josh we have a safe pair of lungs who can deliver in these highly charged pressurised circumstances.  This is great news for me because we can concentrate on delivering a thumping and exciting mix without worrying if the singer can cope.

Actually the song works in all ways and styles.  I have tried it with just a piano accompaniment and it still works. The question is, what style is best?  In that regard I am waiting until after Josh has been to the studio and I have recorded his vocals. Then I can tailor make the track to support him.  I have not heard him sing in a studio context and this will reveal quite a lot, I think, and lead me to some answers.

Enough for now.  Josh is working with me this week and I shall know a lot more after that.  Thanks for your messages of support.  This has been a bit of a tough call for many reasons.  I don't ask myself the question "can we win Eurovision?"  I just want only to do a great job and, believe me, it isn't easy because so many things are out of your control.  But anything is possible to do.




A message was posted on the Forum, but it is appropriate to put it here now too. We want to update and complete the Discography with information from all over the world.  All contributions of information are welcome, although we will require source details from you, so that we can double-check that what we are including on the site is accurate!

Thanks, in advance.

Not the News

I'm getting familiar with how the site operates, so please bear with me while I sort things out.

Mobius,  I'm not sure  which is the best way to discuss things with you. I mean, through the forum or on email, but I will upload  'Forget about Love' as per your request and get around to answering your questions  soon.  The News listing was not really the right place to make these remarks, so I decided that I needed to arrange a better way. But the 'News' is I'm reading all comments and requests and taking notes!

I'll be discussing with the site constructors how to resolve a few issues, so, as I said, bear with me.


Live website and forum

The site is now nearly complete. I wanted to explain to all of my friends that we have  much more information, many more songs and clips to upload which we will do in due course. So far I have included some songs which were never completed or released which you can hear on the player. Like Aletia singing "Bird in Flight", or Rowena and "Blinded By Love". These were work in progress and for reasons that I shall deal with in Hot Air, were never finished. I will soon be uploading some more previously unreleased songs plus examples of what I have been doing over the last few years .  I am currently writing  songs for The Show 4 Kids about which more news very soon.

So far I have received many kind comments and encouragement. I will take note of any suggestions as to how the site can be improved or if anyone has any special requests, so please feel free to comment.

© 2008 Mike Stock