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In the mid-1990's Mike developed his own record label activities, achieving worldwide hit records including several number 1's, notching up an impressive market share of business in the first months of operation. In the first 14 months of business, the label achieved 13 UK hit singles with much associated worldwide success. Nicki French had a number 1 worldwide hit with "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". Mike's company, Love This Records, was forced to close in 1997. London Underground had tunneled the new Jubilee Line Extension close to his building, and the integrity of his studio facility was compromised. But that's another story...

In 1999 Mike teamed up with Steve Crosby, who had master-minded Steps a few years before, and they formed the band Scooch who signed to EMI Parlophone. Scooch scored four consecutive hit singles before splitting up, including the top 5 record "More Than I Needed To Know". Later, Scooch were the UK Eurovision Song Contest representatives for 2007.

In 2003 Mike formed a new record company, Better The Devil Records with partners Bob Patmore and Dave Sullivan. The first single released, "Fast Food Song", was the biggest selling CD single of the day, generating and stimulating the debate on childhood obesity.

In 2004 Mike published his first book "The Hit Factory" which recorded his early years and the history of Stock Aitken Waterman and more. Mike felt it was necessary to set the record straight. He is writing another book which deals with some of the more controversial areas which were omitted from his first publication.

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