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The wasting of a good business. Click here for more

Now soap powder manufacturers are selling music.  Supermarkets are selling music.  Coffee shops are selling music.  Oil companies are selling music.  Newspapers, corner shops, and clothes shops; everybody's selling music.  In fact the only people not selling music are the record companies.  They just give it away.  Cheap downloads, mobile phone deals and freebies in the Sunday newspapers.  How could they let such a good business go to pot?  Quite apart from all the job losses, is the damage to the general economy and lost overseas revenues.  Britain used to export music.  It is a shame that through incompetence, neglect and protectionism so much damage has been done.  What of the many artists whose careers are a dead end?  Many retail outlets destroyed.  Manufacturers, printers,  Recording studios, singers, musicians.  So many areas affected including our cultural life.  I believe it goes very deep and far beyond the record business itself.  They'd be getting off lightly if all you could level at the music industry is its part in the wasting of a good business.

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